Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day, Boxer, Baby

Lewis and Scarlott

Pirate Batman - the last word.

The cool picture of Pirate Batman, it seems, might just be concept art, rather than an indication of what's to come. That's according to an interview with Grant Morrison on Comic Book Resources here.
If you look behind the six covers Andy's done – they all join up into one big image – Bruce is mostly wearing sort of conventional period clothes, dictated by the in-story logic. In the first story, Bruce is actually stripped to the waist, as we saw him on the last page of "Final Crisis." All he has is his utility belt. So we don't necessarily get to see him as Bat- Pirate with the flowing beard of dreadlocks and the mask, which genuinely breaks my heart [laughs].

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

At least forty feet long, and a good eight feet wide

“Would you like to come over for mulled wine and curry?”

Two curries in two days? Could my gut take that? Yes, it could. Especially when the invitation came from the lovely Yvonne. She moved in just down the road about a week ago, and I’d been itching to go round - partly to take a look at a house very similar to my own and partly because I'd like to get to know more about the lovely Yvonne.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Gifts and curry

Amazon has been my life-line this Christmas. Most of my shopping has been delivered in brown boxes to my desk at work. The last of them, for Pippa, arrived today. It’s an amazingly tacky Dizzee Rascal necklace that’s shaped like a guitar pick (picture after the jump). I wrapped it at my desk, and arranged to meet Pip at her work to exchange gifts.

Sunday, 20 December 2009


I suppose you’d call it a first date.

Friday, 18 December 2009

"And then the Michael Jackson Impersonator..."

My last two work Christmas parties have been shit. There was the time that we went to Tiger Tiger, one of the worst kinds of pits in the worst kinds of places in the whole town. And then there was the time that my dad had a heart attack. Even now, I’m not sure which was less pleasurable. They were both royally shit.

It was with no small trepidation, then, that I approached our work party this year. We were going to a Mediterranean taverna, Efes, and it was costing thirty-five quid. What food, I wondered, was worth that much?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Dinner chez Miriam

“Come for Christmas dinner DTRMCR,” said Miriam, “it’s going to be lovely!”
“Yes, please, that sounds lush! I will. What can I bring?”
“Well, may I borrow some chairs?”
“Yes, we’ve got loads, how many do you want?”
“Erm… seven?”
“No problem!”

Sunday, 13 December 2009

OMG! Pirate Batman!

Some very interesting Batman news, about the Grant Morrison's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne (expected April 2010):
(news via
It will chronicle the Caped Crusader's journey through history, and set the stage for his greatest adventures according to Morrison. Some early artwork reveals a pirate version of Batman and a caveman version as well with more to be revealed. Why Bruce feels the need to don various versions of his costume in times when he doesn't exist is also to be revealed.
That's right...
...a pirate version of Batman...
Caveman Batman picture after the jump:

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dr Jim's 30th

We celebrated Doctor Jim's 30th by playing Beatles Rock Band and watching Heineken Cup rugby. James loves Belle and Sebastian's God Help the Girl, which doesn't surprise me one bit, and Jay-Z's Run this City which did rather.

Friday, 11 December 2009


My brother's Christmas gifts arrived from Amazon toaday: Manga Shakespeare published by the amazing Self Made Hero. I've bought him Othello and Richard III. Othello looks especially cool.

"Osada brings a sense of ethereal and otherwordly enchantment to the story, re-imgining the setting in a Venice populated by winged beings, whre the lines between animals and humans become blurred."
- NEO magazine 'The Best Manga of 2009' feature (February 2009)

“O! BEWARE, MY LORD, OF JEALOUSY! IT IS THE GREEN-EYED MONSTER WHICH DOTH MOCK THE MEAT IT FEEDS ON.” Beginning with an argument in a street in Venice, the grudges and passionate jealousies that fuel Othello’s misfortunate plot are quickly revealed. This tale of the difficulties of military heroism and love travels to Cyprus where Shakespeare explores the nature of appearance and reality, and the dangers of isolation, jealousy and betrayal.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

"You are not your reclaimed Victorian hospital restoration apartment."

Remember that moment near the beginning of Fight Club when The Narrator's condo explodes? Something very similar happened yesterday in West Didsbury. From the Manchester Evening News:

It is believed the first explosion was caused when a workman was drilling through pipes under the central tower of the building.

Workmen at the scene told the MEN that a spark from a colleague’s saw ignited into a fireball.

The 40-year-old man was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary suffering burns. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Following the fireball at 8.50am, contractors were evacuated from the area and site managers also moved residents from the 20 flats in the building which are already occupied.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Monday, 7 December 2009

Decadence is...

...a bottle of M&S lager in a zone 1 hotel.

And the news, in your underpants today, is...

A hotel room can be a terribly lonely place. A Corby Trouser Press isn’t much company. There was one chair at the desk, and another at a small round table. This was room 628, but I imagined that it was the same as pretty much any room in the whole building. There’s nothing like the anonymity of a one-night visit to make you feel like a cog in the machine. I put my trousers in the Corby, and sat down to watch telly in my underpants.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Bangers and Pippa

“Come round for your tea!” said Pippa.
“You betcha!” said I.
“Bangers and mash okay for you DTRMCR?”
“It’s my favourite food of all time.”
“So how’s your love life?”
“It’s complicated, but quite interesting.”

"You're a honey with a following..."

I confessed in a note, on green paper, then got on my bike, and dropped it round. This time tomorrow Nic will know I was behind the flowers. And soon I’ll know what Nic thinks about me. I’m nervous, but excited too.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Too much magic potion

Kate and I were invited to Annelore’s French-themed fancy dress party. I dressed as Asterix, and Kate went as a mime. There were several French peasants who looked like they’d have been quite at home in Dulcimer. Is Chorlton particularly French? It’s a matter of style, I suppose, and of fashion. There were several tricolours, and a couple of Thierry Henrys, but the best outfit there, by miles, was an accordion. I’ll have to find Annelore’s blog to see if there are any photos.

After a little bit too much magic potion, I wandered over to Eeyuni, Nicola’s housemate. Graham’s advice – you need to do something about this Nic situation – was ringing in my ears. As we spoke, I explained that I was behind the flowers. Eeyuni’s advice was very similar to Graham’s – do anything, but do something!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Humour and funny

A great post today from Prison Proxy about the difference between humour and funny. This is one of my favourite blogs: written wittily, insightful, and offering privileged access to an unfamiliar world - all of the reasons that I loved Belle de Jour. Today’s post demonstrates all of these things.

Due to an inclination toward mockery, much of my humor has a zero sum game element to it. And, possibly because I’m the object of my own mockery much of the time, many of my associates like my wit and impromptu dramatizations.

The Loveliest Wedding of 2010

The Lovely Jane and the Lovely Colin are getting married! And, almost as exciting, they have a blog about it! It's at - take a look.

What's more, there's a design competition for the cover for the garden. In Col's own words...

This competition is open to anyone who would care to submit an entry, we also welcome entries from non-architects. Now maybe the time to prove to the world that you are a dab hand at design!

To design a temporary cover for our garden, to protect us from the sun and the rain, and to contain the heat a little after dark. The key areas to be protected are the patio and the grass; with a second covered area adjacent to the rear entrance to the garden.

more after the jump!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A little less conversation, a little more action

Verbally Challenged at the Contact Theatre sees five new writers have their ten-minute plays performed in front of an audience, who then offer feedback. The theme for this evening was Panto, with the writers invited to subvert the genre of pantomime for a modern audience.

O Yes It Flippin’ Is by Yvonne Sewell

About a boy with an imaginary friend, and a girl who wants one. The premise captured the spirit of a magical, child-like realm, whilst avoiding panto cliché and was really funny at the same time. The pay-off was kind of corny, but saw a random audience member flexin’ and poppin’ on the stage. I thought it really worked.

Back to Mine by Will Roberts

An after-the-pub story about a group of friends, one of whom says Christmas is rubbish at the start of the play, and then says that, actually, it isn’t really rubbish at the end. Not much happened. Quite a lot was said. The highlight was a knob gag, which kind of sums it all up.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Le Fancy Dress

DTRMCR if you were going to a French-themed fancy dress party, what would you go as?
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cheese eating surrender monkey. easy. next
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the moulin rouge!
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What would I go as? The funniest Brother I know....
Groucho Marx. I know he's not French but then its all about the walk and 'tache really.
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David 'king-of Daves' Skinner
a german
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