Saturday, 5 December 2009

Bangers and Pippa

“Come round for your tea!” said Pippa.
“You betcha!” said I.
“Bangers and mash okay for you DTRMCR?”
“It’s my favourite food of all time.”
“So how’s your love life?”
“It’s complicated, but quite interesting.”

“I can’t stand U2. What a bunch of pricks!”
“I agree Pip, mute it and we’ll just watch the light show.”
“…and at the Brandenburg Gate, how pretentious…”

It looked like every person in the crowd was holding up a camera or a cameraphone, recording the lightshow. A sea of little blue preview screens. Was anybody there watching the concert, or were they all too busy taking photos?

“Have you seen any good videos on Youtube?”
“There’s the baby dancing to Beyonce,”
“The Korean baby singing Hey Jude,
“Great great great!”
“…and the hamster band.

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