Monday, 21 December 2009

Gifts and curry

Amazon has been my life-line this Christmas. Most of my shopping has been delivered in brown boxes to my desk at work. The last of them, for Pippa, arrived today. It’s an amazingly tacky Dizzee Rascal necklace that’s shaped like a guitar pick (picture after the jump). I wrapped it at my desk, and arranged to meet Pip at her work to exchange gifts.

It was wrapped, so Pip didn't see it.* She gave me two bottle of Ginger 6, one of the lushest of the Marble Beers. What a great present! It was the first of many that evening!

“This is Anna,” said Pip, as she shot at me with a spud-gun. “Take that!”
“Is Anna,” I wondered as I dodged flying potato, “one of the lesbians that Pip was talking about the other day?”

All of a sudden, Anna and I were talking about Watchmen.

“Have you read it?” I asked.
“No, but I’ve seen the film.”
“May I lend you the book?”

After bombing into HQ for half an hour to collect Kate and Dunk, we went to Electrik to do presents. I’m pretty Dunk liked The Gigantic Robot and Kate liked her owl mug and coaster. Dunk gave me a cool mug labelled I’d rather be in Chorlton, filled with Lego Batman villains and Batman himself: very, very cool! He also gave me Bluetonic on CD! Kate bought me Batman RIP by Grant Morrison, which was something I’d been thinking about ordering for myself for ages. What great friends! What great gifts!

After a curry at Manzil, we slid and skidded across the ice to get back to the Marble in time to say Merry Christmas to Pip, and for me to drop off Watchmen for Anna. Spreading the good news of the comic world makes me happy. But not as happy as my cool Batman gifts!

*UPDATE: Pip texted on Christmas Day, she LOVED IT! Yes!

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