Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Dinner chez Miriam

“Come for Christmas dinner DTRMCR,” said Miriam, “it’s going to be lovely!”
“Yes, please, that sounds lush! I will. What can I bring?”
“Well, may I borrow some chairs?”
“Yes, we’ve got loads, how many do you want?”
“Erm… seven?”
“No problem!”

Smoked salmon starters, yum, then chicken with three types of gravy for the main course. The roasted vegetables – especially the parsnips and carrots – were very good, and I really enjoyed the orange mash. There were poached pears for pudding, and loads of cheese and port to follow. We drank mulled wine, red wine, white wine and port wine. I was hammered.

It was lovely to see Tomos, Ben P, Miriam and the Padmore boys. Jane Elliot grows cooler with the passing moments, how nice to get to know her. Thom has a new girlfriend, the lovely girl I met at the Sand Bar when we were out for Kate’s birthday. She might come to the barn too. Grand!

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