Friday, 4 December 2009

Too much magic potion

Kate and I were invited to Annelore’s French-themed fancy dress party. I dressed as Asterix, and Kate went as a mime. There were several French peasants who looked like they’d have been quite at home in Dulcimer. Is Chorlton particularly French? It’s a matter of style, I suppose, and of fashion. There were several tricolours, and a couple of Thierry Henrys, but the best outfit there, by miles, was an accordion. I’ll have to find Annelore’s blog to see if there are any photos.

After a little bit too much magic potion, I wandered over to Eeyuni, Nicola’s housemate. Graham’s advice – you need to do something about this Nic situation – was ringing in my ears. As we spoke, I explained that I was behind the flowers. Eeyuni’s advice was very similar to Graham’s – do anything, but do something!

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