Thursday, 3 December 2009

Humour and funny

A great post today from Prison Proxy about the difference between humour and funny. This is one of my favourite blogs: written wittily, insightful, and offering privileged access to an unfamiliar world - all of the reasons that I loved Belle de Jour. Today’s post demonstrates all of these things.

Due to an inclination toward mockery, much of my humor has a zero sum game element to it. And, possibly because I’m the object of my own mockery much of the time, many of my associates like my wit and impromptu dramatizations.

Except for one buddy – the little earnest fellow who’s graced these posts a few times. He and I are not birds of a feather. In the coffee shop context that I generally manifest around me, by tending toward philosophical and cultural discourse with the most nearby associates, I can come across as a high-minded aristocrat (though even that is kind of a running joke). He’s rubbed the wrong way by this aspect of me, so we butt heads, and he sometimes ends up as the fodder for my mockery.

Interested? Why not read the whole thing here?

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