Thursday, 24 February 2011

Leaving my job

My last day at work fizzled out. Good. Josie called me into the fishtank to say goodbye to the team. They wished me good luck, and gave me a guidebook for Japan. I wished them all good luck too, what with the impending public sector cuts, and all. That didn't go down too badly, which is lucky - looking back now, I might have offended someone unintentionally.

I got through the afternoon, and went to the pub for a quiet few with Robbie, Rachel, Chas, and Steve. Only Chas from work came. The perils of inviting nobody, eh?

I felt euphoric as walked out of Heron House. Onwards! Upwards!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Should I buy a Kindle?

posted February 21 at 8:50am via Text Message · Like?

Matthew Doherty
Unless I've got a tablet pc, I would say yes. Price of books are usually cheaper, plus u can find all the classics for free.

Ed Padmore
And in the blue corner... No. Books should be bought, read, and lent out - sometimes to never return. The flow of an actual object, the path it takes with different drivers is far better than files on a screen that can be recommended to another user. I'd like them for newspapers, but not books. Too many screens in the world as it is.

Ed Padmore
...and you can get the classics for 10p.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sorry to be such a smug git, but...

This isn't a political blog, but political decisions have an impact on people everywhere, and I'm no different. As a result of policy choices made by the UK's Coalition Government, my employer Manchester City Council are making 2000 job cuts, and soon. (check out the BBC, Guardian and Manchester Evening News perspectives at the links)

NB: this post is backdated, see my disclaimer after the jump.