Friday, 11 December 2009


My brother's Christmas gifts arrived from Amazon toaday: Manga Shakespeare published by the amazing Self Made Hero. I've bought him Othello and Richard III. Othello looks especially cool.

"Osada brings a sense of ethereal and otherwordly enchantment to the story, re-imgining the setting in a Venice populated by winged beings, whre the lines between animals and humans become blurred."
- NEO magazine 'The Best Manga of 2009' feature (February 2009)

“O! BEWARE, MY LORD, OF JEALOUSY! IT IS THE GREEN-EYED MONSTER WHICH DOTH MOCK THE MEAT IT FEEDS ON.” Beginning with an argument in a street in Venice, the grudges and passionate jealousies that fuel Othello’s misfortunate plot are quickly revealed. This tale of the difficulties of military heroism and love travels to Cyprus where Shakespeare explores the nature of appearance and reality, and the dangers of isolation, jealousy and betrayal. This engaging manga recreation sets Othello in a fantastical Venetian carnival setting. While masks may hide some characters’ real motives, the very real emotions of Othello and Iago are dramatically revealed.
One of my favourite Shakespeare plays in one of my favourite literary formats.

Self Made Hero also offer a wide range of other classics in graphic novel form. I'd probably give my right arms for the Edgar Allen Poe collection, or anything from the Sherlock Holmes range. Or maybe my right leg - so I could turn the page with two hands. If you're out there, army of loyal readers, and you're feeling generous, then you know what to do.

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