Saturday, 26 December 2009

Pirate Batman - the last word.

The cool picture of Pirate Batman, it seems, might just be concept art, rather than an indication of what's to come. That's according to an interview with Grant Morrison on Comic Book Resources here.
If you look behind the six covers Andy's done – they all join up into one big image – Bruce is mostly wearing sort of conventional period clothes, dictated by the in-story logic. In the first story, Bruce is actually stripped to the waist, as we saw him on the last page of "Final Crisis." All he has is his utility belt. So we don't necessarily get to see him as Bat- Pirate with the flowing beard of dreadlocks and the mask, which genuinely breaks my heart [laughs].

Yeah, it breaks my heart too Grant. In a vast way. A vast. Avast... ah, forget about it. Arrrr....

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