Monday, 11 May 2009

I'm a criminal

Wrapped up in studying, I nip out to the shop for a Crème Egg and some cigs, then get back to the front door and realise I’ve left my keys at home. Shit! I look up, and see my bedroom window open. Can I get in? Hmmm. Best not risk it, I think. I’ll go and see if Dunk’s in, and then ask him to call Ryan and get in that way.

KNOCK! KNOCKKNOCK! KNOCKKNOCKKNOCKKNOCK! Nothing. Nobody in a Dunk’s. Right. Plan B. Which is… erm… which is wander back to the house, gaze up at the open window a bit longer, and then have a cig. Hmmm. This isn’t helping much. And it’s getting a bit cold.

Over the road, a door opens. It’s Alan from number 2, out for a quick tab himself. I head over, and explain what the problem is. “I don’t suppose you have a ladder? You do? Excellent!” And Alan gets the ladder, and holds it for me, as I climb in through the window. My keys are on my desk, where I left them. If they could smile, they’d be mocking me now.

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