Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Signed, sealed, delivered…

…well, signed at least. I went to Sherlock Homes (OMG I love a cheesy pun!) to sort out the contract for my new house. They weren’t as competent as JP Brimelow, but they made Ben look like the fool he really is. I handed over copies of various documents, signed contracts and paid for my background checks. Fingers crossed!

Kate and I went to Electrik for a couple of drinks. She’s very excited about her new job at Oddest, and was talking about the different possibilities that it held for her. “So this place is the competition?” I asked. “No,” she replied, “this place is part of the community.” I’m sure she’ll do very well.

We picked up mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and more mushrooms, and went back to Great Stone to make Simon Rimmer’s Oriental Pie. It was very tasty. Chaw and Matt arrived later on, and we sat around the table chatting as they ate. Kate whipped out an apple pie. With cinnamon cream. Yum! We plotted my arrival, and what to do with my dining table. One word kept on coming up… BANQUET!

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