Sunday, 10 May 2009

Heads and Volleys

My pillow was green when I woke up. Parts of my bed were orange too. I went back to sleep.

Amongst my clouded memories of the night before lurked a plan to meet for breakfast, so I sent out a group text,

“Tank, Fly, Boss, Walk, Jam, Nitty-gritty, you’re listening to the boy from the big, bad city… this is Jam Street?”

How about the Leadstation instead, some oneasked. Deal. Ryan, still green all over the place, and I, still orange around the earholes, wandered down and met Al, Dunk and Christian there. “You’re green,” said the waitress to Ryan. Smiles all round as he explained himself. Kate, Megan, her sister and Tomos joined us, with Chaw and Matt not far behind. It was impossible to look around the table without thinking of the mayhem and fun from the night before. Every glance reminded me of a moment, and a giggle soon followed. I’m really looking forward to moving to that house, I think it’s a place where fun will be had, and lots of it.

After watching the football with Dunk and Al, the three of us played heads and volleys in Chorlton Park. I had a kebab for tea. The perfect end to a brilliant, brilliant weekend.

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