Tuesday, 17 May 2011

It's been a while, hasn't it?

It sure has - and so much has happened since I last caught up with you all. What kind of thing? Well how about:

  • Quitting my job - part one, part two, epilogue
  • Joining the gym, losing 21-ish lbs
  • Visiting the Tower of London - it's awesome!
  • My sister's had a baby, a healthy girl called Baden Rose
  • Finding out about JET - I'm in!
  • Having an inpromptu Parsonage reunion
  • Deciding to move to London for July

And that's just for the start of things, really. Busy busy busy. It's cheating I know, but I'll be backdating a few posts to fill in the gaps, and back-linking this post to them retrospectively.

And it's the end of things too. A kind of end at least. My last bullet point is the clue: no more Manchester. So no more DTRMCR? Well, let's see...

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