Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Big Giveaway - part 1

I'm leaving Manchester at the end of June. In my six-and-a-half years here, I've accumulated lots of things that I can't take with me on the plane to Japan. Do you want any of it?


IKEA desk - Mikael - approx 1.3m x 0.8m x 1m - light wood effect, sturdy
IKEA bookcase - Billy - approx 7ft tall, six shelves, white - gone to Robbie
IKEA folding chairs x2 - black plastic panels, metal frame - gone to Robbie
Dining table - two leaf, traditional style, dark wood, seats six - eight comfortably
Dining chairs x4 - they match the table, dark wood, traditional style


Big TV - 20" or 21" screen, deep back, analogue but fine with digibox, SCART-friendly, no remote
Digibox - bog standard, incl. remote, SCART output!) - gone to Danny Bronco
DVD Player - Toshiba, cost twenty quid eighteen months ago, as new!) - gone to Paulie Mak
Playstation 2 - the small model, including all essential leads and connections but no controllors (both worn out by Pro Evo, no doubt!) - gone to Paulie Mak
CD Player shaped like Darth Vader's head (full size) - it looks like this, and has been used as a decoration, rather than a CD player. - gone to Steve
Radio / Alarm Clock shaped like Darth Vader with Cape and Lightsaber (12" tall) - to be honest, the radio function sucks a bit, but it'd be a cool decoration - look! - gone to Steve
Speakers x2 - 12" tall, wire connectors, pine effect, functional rather than flashy - gone to Paulie Mak
Desk Lamp - white, flexi-angle neck


Picture Frame - IKEA, 0.95m x 0.65m, grey metal, I've used it to hold my map of Japan for the last nine months or so. - gone to Melba
Blood red guitar - acoustic, steel strings, looks really cool. I'm not a guitarist, but apparently it's got quite a deep fretting action... whatever that might mean? (wtf?) - gone to Paulie Mak


Email me if you're interested in anything listed above. Some things will be available immediately, others will be in use for a while yet. I don't have a car, but I'm sure we can work out some kind of collection arrangement. Oh - and if you don't have my email address, comment below and I'll give it to you

This is only part 1 of my giveaway - there are plenty of books for me to list too, so keep your eyes peeled!

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