Thursday, 19 August 2010

“The Best Man that Gethin could find…”

We accepted the offer of a chance to hear Dunk’s speech at Hazelgreen. After all, we weren’t going to the wedding. I’d never heard a best man’s speech before; at weddings that I’ve been to, there hasn’t ever been one. If the average standard is as high as that Dunk put forward, I’ve really been missing out.

We listened as he told us how he and Gethin had met, about their noodlings with music, their arguments, and the story of the spatula. He told us about Cara taking a ball in the face, and about the good times he’d spent on their sofa when things had been tough for him. It was a personal speech, both funny and intimate. I was dumbstruck, and offered no advice at all. “Say more about Cara earlier,” said Laura constructively.

We chatted and caught up over a slice of Ginger Cake. My restless legs came up again.

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