Saturday, 16 January 2010

“Have you ever been to Katsouris Deli?”

The underwater hockey team left, so we mooched around the house for an hour or two, kissing, fooling around, and getting ready for our day. On the bus, Laura asked me, “Have you ever been to Katsouris Deli?” I smiled - it’s one of my favourite places to eat - and nodded. Laura’s eyes lit up. “Shall we go there for lunch?” Yes!

I replaced The Dark Knight Strikes Again at the Forbidden Planet store in the Northern Quarter. Whilst it would have been almost half the price at Amazon, I want to support my local comic book store. We nipped into Centro for a cider, and for a chat about the Multiverse to the soft sounds of the Fleet Foxes. We were both exhausted after a late night canoodling and chatting, but the cider really perked us up.

After explaining a few Profanisaurus entries to the underwater hockey team, I strode home to an empty house to watch No Country For Old Men. An empty house! Blissful! And what a wonderful film! Tired, happy, and half-a-bottle-of-wine drunk, I slipped up the stairs to bed.

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