Thursday, 13 January 2011

"...with all the karmic credits you have accrued through our friendship..."

A funny conversation from Facebook today. Some of the names might have been adjusted to protect the innocent, but you'll probably be able to identify the main culprits without too much trouble.

has discovered a trend whereby whenever I post that something awful has happened to me, at least one person states it's karma. It's caused me to reflect on my life and my actions, and confront the truths these people have forced me to address. Following this period of intraspection I think I should address those people directly, and so, to them, I'd just like to say..."Fuck you". Thanks.

i have a feeling your tooth will fall off. karma!

By laws of Karma, you are surely now going to get fucked?

I don't think it's karma; I just know you're a precious, whinging bastard. Love you.

Having such sanctimonious friends repays your karmic debt. Their tiresome fellowship is the suffering that you must endure for all your past sins.

That's good spin right there, DTR. Love it.

You can probably go and murder a few kids with all the karmic credits you have accrued through our friendship.

That's right, we can all go out and be utter pigs to the rest of the world forever, safe in the knowledge that as retribution we'll have to associate with loathsome cretins like ourselves in perpetuity. Whoever said karma was a stinking sack of hippy bullshit clearly hadn't thought it through properly.

I love you wankers.

its karma

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