Friday, 10 December 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

I was really happy with the training session I’d organised, despite the usual grumblers. The exercises and activities that I’d devised got everyone involved, and I listened in on some productive discussions within the groups. My boss was there for the start of it, and I hope she was impressed by what she saw.

After work, Laura revealed her big surprise for me: tickets to “A Christmas Carol” at the Lowry! What a brilliant surprise!
We had amazing seats at the front of the first balcony level, right in front of the stage. The play was superb, with a great grizzled grumping from Scrooge, and some stunning visual effects. The old Victorian Christmas carols are my favourites, and I really enjoyed them in the show. We came out of the theatre feeling like Christmas had properly started.

Over yakitori and endamame at Samsi, we gazed at each other, and talked about the future. Karen is having a baby. Caroline too. Beth and Owen are just about to have another. Japan looms in the distance. What will we be doing this time next year? How exciting!

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