Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Vin's sister emails

"Right, for all those relying on outbound or return travel by car for the holiday, you might want to start planning a contingency.

"There is currently ‘a bit of a situation’ developing throughout France, as you might be aware. Estimates on the wires are that the petrol supplies in France are only going to last another two or three days if current levels of striking continue (those on flights might want to check them too as apparently some are being cancelled).

"New flights to France are now really expensive, the direct trains from London to South France are even more so. Flights to Barca and Genova are both pretty pricey too.

"The cheapest option I have found looks like an eight-day Interail Pass - http://www.interrailnet.com/interrail-one-country-pass-france?currency=gbp. Of course, getting across the channel would still have to be achieved before the French train travel could commence…

"Any bright ideas?"

Yup, it looks like our holiday to France is suffering some complications.

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Steve Rideout said...

Get across the channel, then pedal.