Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Sam, Jacqui, and so it goes...

I went to the Briton's with Sam and jacqui for a catch up. It was the first time we'd talked over the plan for Japan. Sam would have been my first choice for a reference, but - based on what I'd asked the JET Office - I chose not to ask her. "You're not allowed to ask a friend," I explained.
"Charming!" said Jacqui.
"It's not like that Jacqui, I promise."
"So I'm not your friend?"

Of course, she was joking. Sam and Jacqui were both very happy to hear about all the work that we'd put into preparing for Japan so far. Jacqui was entirely happy to be my referee. Bill too. We talked about the recently announced cut to child benefit for the wealthy, and considered the steaming, posturing sack of bullshit that the coalition were selling us.

Sam's sadness was palpable. We skirted around baby issues. Understandably. And then, at the end of the night, Sam said that she was still very down and down and occasionally up but mostly down. "A third pint would be too much. I'm too unsure of my emotions." I felt sad too.

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