Monday, 25 October 2010

Bienvenue a Ventenac!

Dave O got my message – “Bring earplugs. Seriously.” – and complied. We pinged and ponged beside la cave as we talked over the problems he’d had buying his flat in Catford. A beer, two beers and a third, and the holiday had started. The fun had been organised thus:

On the top floor: Dave O and me; Vin and Olly; Dom and Julia.
On the middle floor: Hannah and Tom; the Lovely Colin and the Lovely Jane; Anna Mc, Chaz, Clarkey and Sally.
On the ground floor: Rob

CDWM teams:
Monday: Anna, Chaz, Colin, Dom and Vin
Wednesday: Olly, Jane, Hannah and Tom
Thursday: Dave O, Clarkey, Rob, Sally, Me

After a very rich and very tasty Spanish-themed CDWM meal, we played some games: Running Pictionary; Celebrity Salad. And then we drew cards for murder. Not me, again. The excitement of the Baptism and the excess of the travelling had worn me out rather, and I retired to bed at a conservative 2am, hoping not to wake up murdered.

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