Monday, 6 September 2010

Viewing #8 – Ayres Road – 6.9.10

A big room, in a pleasant house full of lovely people in a nice area? At 300pcm all in? That sounds perfect.

There’s a garage for my bike, where everybody else keeps their bikes. Paul and Rachel are keen cyclists, Emily a more moderate bike user. There’s a piano in the lounge which Rachel plays occasionally. She’s a teacher, and custodian of the house cat, who also seems friendly. Emily is from Northampton, keeps rats, and is an actress. Paul is about to start an Environmental Sciences MA at Uni. The kitchen is smallish, but bigger than that at Parsonage. The bedroom is on the ground floor. The garden is big, cultivated in part, with a hammock and a huge picnic table. It’s lovely.

The large bedroom dwarfs my previous two – it might be capacious enough to contain them both, in fact. Room for Mikhail and Billy, should I desire. The laminate floors aren’t great, but they’re only a rug away from greatness. More, though, much more than this – they’re friendly. Friendly friendly friendly! Forty minutes of chitchat later, I left with a wide grin on my face.

I really, really, really liked it. Unless I wanted to get gazumped like last time, I figured that I’d better say so as soon as possible.

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