Monday, 19 July 2010

Webchat with Gripton

Me: Are you coming to France John?

John: no, afraid's my mum's birthday

Me: all week?

John: On the Sunday.

Me: Right. Well, family first and all that. It's a shame.

John: Yep, but I am sure you guys will have a good time.

Me: Did you play cricket at the weekend?

John: Nope, was my Dad's birthday!!! No joke!

Me: Man! What inconvenient parents you have

John: Cunts, the pair of them.SGP on Thursday?

Me: Not for me. I'm having a year off festivals and their associated shenanigans.

John: That's a shame, it promises to be a good one. I just went on Chatroulette for the first time. It's full of perverts - I think you'd love it!

Me: Maybe I'll check it out. Thanks!

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