Saturday, 3 July 2010

Colin and Jane's Wedding

Jane and Colin’s wedding was unconventional, practical, and lots of fun. Much like the bride and groom themselves.

The registry office was too small for all of the guests to attend, so Dominic organised a webcam in a room of a local pub where the excess guests – Laura and myself included – could watch the wedding on a big screen. Laura got stuck in to meeting and greeting different people in the room, making a storming impression on Helen Clarke with her background in floristry whilst making some flower petal confetti.

After the wedding – with a quick detour to watch the end of Argentina vs Germany – it was all back to Lewisham for food, cabaret and the band. The food was lush, a compendium of tasty vegetarian treats. Our evening’s entertainment came from the guests at the wedding. The cabaret saw Skinner as the compere, and several acts performing.

  • Martin performing his poem "The Wedding of Jalin O'Clossick
  • The Overlooked Bridesmaids and their version of "I will survive"
  • “Always been the best damn part of me…” by Dominic Bristow
  • "Let’s drain all the champagne" by Jamie and Dom
  • Jane's beautiful song about flying hand in hand with Colin*
  • Colin's cousin, pictured, singing old Irish love songs.

Vin's band played. Wine was drunk. And so were we...

*EDIT: The song is called 'Tonight we fly," and it's by the Divine Comedy.

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