Friday, 2 April 2010

Cooking in the tent at Robin Hood's Bay

Bank Holiday traffic will strike, however early you chose to leave the house. The Easter weekend is especially bad for this, and the road to the coast doubly so. After a couple of hours and what felt like many miles of tailbacks, we eventually pulled into our campsite at Robin Hood’s Bay.

It was beautiful. Our green field gently sloped towards the south, and overlooked the village, beyond it the bay, and beyond still the cool North Sea. We put up Laura’s new tent, and pootled down to investigate the old village.

After exploring the snaking streets and winding pathways of the fishermen’s homes, we went home to cook. I’d sliced onions and chillies in advance, storing the chopped food in Tupperware. We sliced chorizo and made a tomato ragu to have with tortellini. Cooking in the tent was cosy and warm.

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