Friday, 25 June 2010

So, I didn't get the job

It's frutrating, sure, but I didn't get it. The interview went well, I thought, although the non-verbal cues I got back from the two men on the panel were pretty frosty compared to the smiles from the female chair. "Just some surly blokes," I figured, "and anyway, they're not supposed to give much away in this sort of situation."

My feedback was weird. The chair of the panel told me that she'd scored me consistently highly, but that the others had scored me high and low alternately on different questions. Fix? Stitch-up? Or was I just to waffley? Something's off, that's for sure. I took the feedback on board: waffle less.

Laura decided to go to a private physio, who gave her more confidence about the possibility of a full recovery. Phew! She was getting quite down after the fracture clinic's bleakness, and so I'm really pleased she has a more positive outlook.

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