Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Date night

It's stolen from Woody and Clare, and from a thousand other lovers I'm sure: Laura and I decided to make Wednesday nights our regular date night. Tonight? DVD and dinner. We went to Asda to find ingredients for a red thai curry, and then to the big Sainsbury's in Salford looking for cheap DVDs.

We found: Waltz with Bashir, Beetlejuice and Little Miss Sunshine - all of which were only three pounds. Three pounds! Man, how times change - I remember when VHS rentals were three pounds a night. Ah...

The prawn curry was gorgeous. Of the three films, we chose Little Miss Sunshine. I laughed my ass off. Laura laughed her ass off. Our detached asses rolled around on the floor laughing, and then laughed their own meta-asses off. It was very funny.

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