Monday, 25 January 2010

Shit hits fan.

No more interent at work!
No more eating lunch at your desk!
No more personal phone calls!
No more bullying!

Thus came the edict from my boss. She had called my team, the middle team, into her room for a word, and - flustered, mumbling - had explained what was eating her. There was, she told us, a chance that someone would be sacked.

We left, and one by one the call centre team were called into her office. Some for longer, some for shorter. "She'll save the worst until last," said Karen. Three to go. Now two to go. And then the last. Will she be sacked?

Of course not. That just won't happen. My boss is dramatic and bold when it comes to describing what she will do, and less decisive when it comes to actually acting. Especially when there's employment law and unions to contend with.

The impact of the disciplinary has been felt in two ways. Firstly, it's gotten everybody's backs up. The mood is rubbish. Meh! Secondly, and positively, we're moving! My little team is getting its own office down the hall! Yahoo!

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