Friday, 5 February 2010

College residential

Our tutor had been eerily quiet about the residential weekend, to the extent that some of the class were getting a little worried about its content. Would it be an Outward Bound affair? Would we be pushed to the limits of our souls to find out who we truly were inside, man? Were the SAS involved? Would we be getting wet?

Hardly! The hotel was at the end of Millionaires’ Row in a lovely part of Cheshire. There were pastries and cereal bars served our “Welcome to the hotel!” coffee, and the whole weekend was very luxurious. My hotel room came with a sewing kit, for example. We were split into two teams, and worked through a few communication exercises for the start of the day. Our main task, our evening activity was to make a short film. I *know*! Another nudge filmwards? We’ll see…

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