Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Now That's What I Call Music!

Laura and I had given Graham a few ideas about the pub quiz when we'd met him in Oddest last week - namely to include East 17's Deep, and to do a round on the Now... series of compilation albums. As we sat and did the quiz, we saw our suggestions made real before our eyes.

Laura's friend Michelle had invited us to join her and her boyfriend Dave at the pub quiz. At the last minute, however, Helen had jumped on board too. The good news is that we finished first in the pub quiz. The bad news is that Helen was dead rude, and embarrassed Laura throughout.

"How are you?" I asked Laura.
"Fine. I'm fine." She replied.

That's our secret code. Fine doesn't actually mean fine in response to a "how are you?" question, it means that there is something wrong, but that the speaker doesn't really want to talk about it.

After Helen left, Laura apologised. But it wasn't her that was being rude to realtive strangers. Helen, on the other hand, is becoming persona non grata in my mind. Grrrr!

Afterwards, we went to Abode and brainstormed some more quiz ideas. The best, I thought, was Khakis or Car Keys, a picture round in which the contestants must guess whether the model is advertising chinos or a motor car by only looking at their face. Coming soon to a Quizimodo near you, no doubt...

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