Monday, 1 February 2010

I ♥ muff diving

Laura and I went for breakfast at the Chorlton Eatery. It’s a good sized meal, with quick and friendly service – of course the true test of service is how the weekend rush is handled – so why hadn’t I been before? I thought about putting it to Dunk and Kate as a possible venue, but didn’t check the veggie options before I left. .

“This time last year,” she said, “I was just moving back to Manchester.” It was also Pervy’s birthday this time last year. I explained about Creepy John and what we got up to last year. Laura thinks my memory is unusually good. Blogging helps that, I think.

With my book token from work, I picked up three comics: Grant Morrison’s The Filth; Reinhardt Kleint’s I See A Darkness, and; Gilbert Hernadez’s Speak Of The Devil. They look amazing!

Laura texted as I was on the bus home: “I’m going to Asda.”
I replied: “I’m on the bus, meet you by the baguettes?”

Back at hers, Laura baked cupcakes. We walked to the shop for ingredients for dinner. The shopkeeper smiled at her, and said, “Nice badge.” She was still wearing the badge that Skinner gave me for my birthday: "I ♥ muff diving"

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