Wednesday, 20 January 2010

"Put your finger in cider"

Laura and I went to the Manchester Winter Ales Festival, and tried lots of ciders. We tried:

Crones Rum Cask
Dunkerton Kingston Black SV
Gwynt Y Draig Scrumpy
JB Cider
Lyne Down

But the winner, by miles, was...Whin Hill from Norfolk. Light in taste, but strong in booze, it was easy to drink, and full of drunk. Yum! Ed and Miriam were at the festival, as was Peter from work. We all hung out a bit and chatted about drinking.

Later on, when drunk, Laura and I walked through Ancoats. It was deserted. Well-lit plazas and side-streets, with not a soul to be seen. Just the two of us, and nobody else in the whole wide world.

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