Monday, 12 October 2009

Tired, tireder, and then beyond tired.

Why did I wake up tired? Had I been running through a special someone's dreams all night? No. Well, not to my knowledge, at least. No, I'd slept terribly. Still up at three, exhausted, but unable to settle. Too much caffeine that afternoon? Irregular sleep after Saturday night's antics? Or just too damned excited about work on Monday? I know which of those three it wasn't.

The day went by in slow motion, the hands of the clock crawling round their familiar, tedious journey. I was grumpy as fuck. Miss F sent me an email - another one of those that at face value looked like it was about work, but in real life wasn't really, instead about saying "Hello." On another day I might have responded pleasantly. On another day I might have accepted the olive branch. But today I blanked her. No reply. Nothing at all. I didn't feel great, but those are the breaks, right Kurtis?

College, thankfully, was only a half session of work, with a half session of IT beforehand. King geek that I am, the how to log on to M____ and how to use college email were old news to me: I'd spent hours in the library already. Phew, lazytime! The subject matter of the main session was Meetings, which I feel I can contribute on strongly, given my experience in C______ and in my current job. "So, what makes a bad meeting?" asked Gerard. I had to stop myself from contributing too much.

Afterwards, a well-earned pint in Oddest, and a chat and catch up with Kate. I was pleased to hear that Nic liked her presents. The CD and the book are a nice match. It's good to find another Belle and Sebastian fan out there. Even if it does mean losing the odd badge now and then.

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