Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cast List for Ventenac

To ease the confusion of the casual reader, this is a dramatis personae of those who were lucky enough to attend the wonderful week at Ventenac:

The Venezuelans
Tani - a vicious expert at le babyfoot

The Bristocracy
Julia - mater familias

The Duets
Colin and the Lovely Jane
Tom and the equally lovely Hannah

The Soloists
Insecure Dave
Chaz - with a soft "sh", as in Charlene

For the geographically minded, our movements over time were:

Vinny and I arrived on Saturday, with the Venezuelans, the Bristocracy and Insecure Dave already in situ. The Duets arrived by car on Sunday. The Venezuelans left as Skinner and Chaz arrived on Monday, with Insecure Dave leaving the next day. The core group consisted of the Bristocracy, the Duets, and the Soloists, except Insecure Dave, who sadly had to leave early. Vin and I left next, on Friday, with Chaz following the next day. And on Sunday, exeunt except the Bristocracy.

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