Friday, 2 October 2009

An ally in the darkness

My boss is a good person. That good person is, however, a bad boss. She's the kind of person who'll spend fifteen minutes chatting on the phone to someone who's dialed the wrong number. She's always late, and ill-prepared with it. She's not deliberately mean, and generally only causes offence through her skittishness, not through malice.

But I've been at college, learning about time management. I kept a log of every working minute for the last week as part of my training. I am studying under the sensei of workload optimisation to become the ninja of not wasting time. And my training has made me ruthless, like a machine that knows no mercy.

We had a meeting booked for ten. We didn't start until 10.45. My inner ninja was enraged. Shurikens of anger shot through me. And then we didn't get all the work done because we ran out of time. Grrrr.

My colleague spoke to me afterwards. "That's just how [the Boss] is. We'll work around her. We'll manage her. Don't worry. I'm with you."

An ally in the darkness. Interesting.

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