Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Congratulations John

My friend John just announced his engagement through his Facebook status. I thought about commenting...
And I've passed my exams too! that everybody who leaves a comment saying congratulations to him in one way or another is also inadvertently congratulating me. Having not yet got my exam results, I dare not tempt fate in this manner.

EDIT: 22:30, and 27 comments later, I wonder if I made the right choice. Gems of comments like...
Congratulations to you both. Great news. Hope you are very happy.
oh my god never thoght i'd see this day. way too grown up to compute but congratumalations
Wow, guys thats awesome news!! Congratulations to you both
I can only echo the shock and well-wishes above... Congratulations!

...make me wish I had posted the comment. Well done John, and boo to me, DTRMCR, for listening to my conscience at the expense of a gag. So it goes.

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