Monday, 14 September 2009

College, day 1

An introduction: to the course; to the college; to each other; and to our tutor Anne’s teaching style.

The course seems very exciting. The subject matter is basic, but broad, as befitting to its aims. Operations, rather than strategy, is the focus. Perfect. The college used to be a school, and it shows. The library isn’t massive, but it has comic books: I saw a Hellboy on one of the tables. It doesn’t have much Batman though – I checked the catalogue, and I’ve got my own copies of both of the comics in their collection. So it goes. I liked my course mates too. For once, the ice breakers didn’t feel forced or false. I was genuinely interested in finding out more about them. And my tutor Anne? She’s new to the college, and new to the course. Did it show? Maybe a little. Not most of the time. But at one point, talking about the Harvard system of annotation, her style went through me like a jagged nail through a plimsoll. I hope it wasn’t typical for her: she’s teaching twenty-one of the thirty-six sessions.

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