Monday, 31 August 2009

Don't be a dick

Browsing webcomics, at Saturday Morning breakfast Cereal, I saw this:

Which made me think of this:

"Don't be a dick" is the fundamental rule of all total social spaces. Every other [Wikipedia] policy for getting along is a special case of it. Although nobody on Wikipedia is empowered to ban or block somebody for being a dick (as this would be an instance of being a dick), it is still a bad idea to be one. So don't do it.

No definition of being a dick has been provided. This is deliberate. If a significant number of reasonable people suggest, whether bluntly or politely, that you are being a dick, the odds are good that you are not entirely in the right.

It's just an opinion, a webcomic, an essay on wikipedia. But I find value in it.

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