Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Top tip for a school night

If your inventory includes all of the following…

Lass O Gowrie
Kro 2

…it’s probably a good idea to eat something before you start to drink, no matter how frustrated you are with work.

We’d booked a team meeting in the afternoon to go over some project management procedures, and I was really excited about it. I love project management. Project management is my middle name. When I sleep, I dream project management. My favourite cocktail is project management with a twist of lime. My goldfish are called Management and Project. If you cut me, I bleed project management in carefully controlled stages that have managed boundaries.

I prepared hard for the meeting. Flowcharts. Terms and definitions. Outlines on how I thought we could help the _________ that we work with adopt a distilled version of some project management fundamentals, rather than the watered-down flim-flam that currently passes for good enough. Not in my opinion. I came home from last night Irish poetry evening and put in another two hours. I was buzzed.

I came back from lunch, and found out that the meeting was cancelled. Ten minutes before it was about to start, it was cancelled. Cancelled. I’d prepared handouts. Cancelled. I’d already photocopied the handouts. Cancelled. I’d prepared a commentary. Cancelled.

“Can you go through this finance spreadsheet zzzzzzzz decipher the unlabelled line entries against zzzzzzz expenditure code *yawn* last two fiscal periods zzzzzzzz suppliers and reconcile outstanding zzzzzzzzzzzzz…..”

On Tuesday next week, I will have been here for a year. Even so, I should have eaten something first…

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