Thursday, 9 April 2009

Getting things done

I had a good day of getting things done today, getting things off my chest and taking steps towards solutions.

My boss asked me what I'd thought of the training that we had on 3rd. I said I'd thought it was okay, but that it didn't really answer the question that we'd asked, about making spontaneous presentations in an informal setting. I'd actually thought it was dogshit, but I'm more subtle than that. Well, sometimes. The conversation soon shifted to a one-to-one about me, the team, various niggles that we both had. We had a long grumble about each other to each other, and ended in a really positive and hopeful way. I'm newly motivated after starting my course, and after acing my conference, so I was glad we were able to shift the overall tone of the meeting in a a good direction. And if I work hard on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, I can have Thursday and Friday off. Bingo!

I got back to my desk, and drafted a letter of notice to my landlord. Nothing special, a combination of two or three templates from the web, but enough to do the job. I contacted him to arrange the inspection we'd discussed yesterday. He's coming by tomorrow. I can't wait.

Later on, I met K___ from work to talk about my research project. She's not easy to get answers from. Does an empty pot ring loudest? In this case, it seems so, yes. Gently, gently, slowly, slowly, I managed to squeeze the information I was looking for out of her. "You can't evaluate my work," she said, "you just can't." That kind of attitude, I thought, is what I need to change.

Kate, Dunk and I went to Fuel and Indigo for some beers, and to meet some of the old Sol's girls. I spent a long time chatting to Laura, and ended the night rather drunk. Then again, I felt like today I've earned it.

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